Front Yard Maintenance

front yard landscaping with outdoor light post and stone walkway leading to house

Maintaining your front yard is an important aspect of homeownership. The front yard makes the first impression on guests and visitors. Whether your front yard is in good condition or not can make or break your curb appeal. Homeowners will want to bring unique visual qualities to your front yard. Here are some front yard maintenance tips to improve your yard.

Front Yard Maintenance Tips

Proper Front Yard Lawn Maintenance

Keep your front yard lawn in good condition is the first step. Mowing the lawn and keeping the grass healthy can have the biggest impact on your front yard curb appeal. Read more on how to properly maintain your grass.

Prune Trees and Trim Shrubbery

Trim bushes and shrubs that are overgrown. Unkept shrubs and trees look sloppy. When trimming them, keep the shape in mind. Choose shapes that complement the features of your yard or home.

Pruning tree limbs away from the house or removing dead limbs is an important step as well. Much like shrubbery, overgrown trees can be undesirable. Additionally, tree limbs growing into your house can present a wide range of problems.

Use Symmetry in Your Front Yard

One of the main rules of aesthetics is the importance of symmetry. It provides balance to your front yard, so everything feels like it is in the right place. Make sure to incorporate a design that makes each side seem like they belong together.

Edge Along the Barriers

Maintaining defined barriers can give your yard a polished look. Edge when your lawn meets the driveway or walkways. Use some type of border when separating mulched areas from the lawn. Edging your front yard is a simple task that can greatly improve your front yard.

Make Sure There is Enough Color

Colors bring vibrance and liveliness to landscapes. Incorporate flower beds into your front yard to add some pop. Trees come in a variety of colors so pick ones that give your yard some definition. Selecting landscape plants of different colors can make your yard stand out.


Stonescaping is adding stones to your landscape to bring a textured and worldly aesthetic. From a stone walkway to a rock wall along the properly, stonescaping is a versatile choice. By adding stones to your front yard, it can add a modern spin and a sharp contrast from the softness of the natural landscape.

Maintaining your front yard will keep your home beautiful and inviting. Take some time on a weekend to plan for how you will keep your yard beautiful. Also, consider implementing these tips if you are thinking of selling your home. Having a beautiful yard increases curb appeal and the value of your home. If you need a landscape designer to boost curb appeal, contact Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces. Our experts have been improving Atlanta homes since 2001.