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From Dreams to Reality: Navid Derakhshan Outdoor Makeover Journey

At Outdoor Makeover and Living Spaces, we firmly believe that the transformation of outdoor spaces is a true masterpiece. Our journey to craft these outdoor wonders is nothing short of inspiring. We’re excited to share that our CEO, Navid Derakhshan, recently had the honor of being featured on the prestigious Good Neighbor Podcast. In this exclusive conversation, Navid shared the incredible story behind Outdoor Makeover, the passions that drive our mission, and how we turn your outdoor dreams into stunning realities.


Early Passion:

Navid’s love for the outdoors and construction began at a young age when he worked with his builder-developer father during summers. These moments ignited a deep love for construction and the boundless potential of outdoor spaces.

Building Recognition:

Navid and his brother moved to Georgia, and through hard work and a unique marketing strategy, they gained recognition in their community. Their relentless pursuit of excellence set the foundation for something truly extraordinary.

A Change of Course:

Navid initially pursued medicine but realized his true happiness lay in outdoor spaces. He made a life-changing decision to focus on Outdoor Makeover and Living Spaces.

Two Decades of Dedication:

Over 22 years, Navid’s dedication and passion have transformed his business into a thriving enterprise with numerous completed projects.

Ready for some inspiration? Navid’s full podcast episode is packed with the secrets to making your outdoor dreams a reality. Grab your headphones, hit play, and get ready for a journey that could change the way you see your outdoor space. The full podcast’s got the scoop – why wait? Listen in now and start bringing your outdoor dreams to life!

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