Roof Replacement: Signs You Should Know

Outdoor Makeover: Roof Replacement-Signs You Should Know

It is time to replace your roof? There are many factors that come into play when deciding if you should replace your roof. So how do you know when it’s time to replace your roof? There are three signs that it is time for a roof replacement. First, age spots which are easily seen from ground level. There are seven age indicators that your roof is past its prime and is in need of replacement. Uneven shingles with cupped edges that can be caught by a wind storm is a sure indicator that your roof is needing replacement. Roof shingles that have lost their granules are more prone to the damaging elements of UV rays that can cause shingles to become brittle and break. Over the course of many years the UV rays can break down shingles causing them to crack. Discoloration is another sign of an aging roof. UV rays not only break down a roofing shingle, they also will discolor it over time.

When is the right time to replace your roof?

Dark streaks on a roof can at first seem to be just an aesthetic issue, however algae and lichen growth can damage the granules of a shingle over time. The presence of moss can also be a determining factor in the age of a roof. Moss holds in water which can add weight that the roof is supporting and break down granules faster. Lastly, time is the biggest indicator of the need for roof replacement. Most indicators point to a 30 year lifespan for architectural shingles and 20 years for a 3 tab system. The second major factor to consider is storm damage. Hail storms can cause immediate damage to shingles, flashing and gutters. The visible signs of hail damage can come in the form of cracks, divots and loss of granules on the shingles.

Wind from a storm can also cause irreparable damage to a roof. When shingles are bent or forced up by wind they can lose their lamination and are more prone to future failures. Shingle loss due to wind can also expose a section of roof to water and accumulation of debris. Finally, the presence of leaking water can be a determining factor that a roof is needing replacement. Many homeowners may put off the replacement of a roof and not be aware of age or storm damage causing leaks onto the roof deck, insulation and wallboard.

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