Using Landscape Stones to Enhance Your Yard

landscape white stone design enhancement

One of the biggest trends in recent years is using landscape stones to enhance your yard. Rock gardens and other stone structures have been used in landscaping design for centuries. Most notably, Japanese rock gardens have existed for centuries. Often called a Zen garden, they date back to at least the Heian Period (794-1185). Japanese rock gardens provide a form of therapy and tranquility. They also create a pleasing aesthetic quality to any home area.

Though they may often be overlooked, rocks and landscape stones are the perfect addition to your landscape. With their polished look and variety, they are a quick and easy way to upgrade your landscape. Here are some ways to enhance your home with landscape stonework.

Enhance Your Yard with Landscape Stones and Rocks

Create a Rock Garden

Rock gardens are a great way to create the illusion of extra space in your landscape. They are a creative way to boost aesthetic quality as well. Rock gardens are flexible, as they can be as permanent as you want. The other great thing is that rock gardens are low maintenance and can survive harsh weather. Rock gardens can act as a stable element to your outdoor landscape.

Install a Stone Retaining Wall

For anyone who has dealt with outdoor landscaping before, it’s no secret that a retaining wall can be the perfect addition to your garden area. The primary purpose of a stone retaining wall is to serve as a barrier between a large amount of soil or water. Most homeowners utilize rock retaining walls to border their garden space. Retaining walls are not only practical, but they serve as a frame for your garden. This will protect all the hard work put into your landscape or garden.

Use Rocks as Accents

Sometimes all your outdoor living space needs is one or two rocks to serve as focal points for you and your guests. Having a few stones or small boulders adds depth to any outdoor landscape. They are an eye-catching element in your yard. Another great aspect of accent rocks is how easy they are to install. Just set them and forget them!

Landscape Stones Are Great for Drainage Beds

Drainage beds are practical elements within a landscape. However, they have a reputation for being an eyesore in outdoor landscape design. This does not have to be the case if you incorporate stones into your landscape drainage system. Stones act as a flattering camouflage for your landscape drainage system. Instead of guests looking at drainage systems, they can admire your beautiful stonework.

Landscape stones are a great way to improve your landscape with minimal maintenance. If you are interested in adding landscape stones, hardscaping, or a rock garden, contact Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces. Our team of landscape designers can transform your yard by using landscape stones that will last for years to come. Serving the metro-Atlanta area, we have been the best landscape design company since 2001.