Components of Landscape Design

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Do you want a landscape design that makes you sigh in delight not distress? If so,  we would love to work with you to help create a landscape that meets your needs, as well as your wants. As Atlanta landscape designers with years of experience, we know there are some key elements to be included in order for the project to be a true success. These components of landscape design all work together to create a peaceful and harmonious landscape that makes you smile every time you walk into your yard.

6 Components of Landscape Design

So, now that you have decided to upgrade your current landscape, you may be wondering what landscape design elements should be included. Fortunately, you don’t have to have all the answers as that is where the Outdoor Makeover and Construction team shines. We will listen to your goals for your landscape design, and then create a place that incorporates the aspects below so you can enjoy your outdoor area more than ever before. Line For a landscape design to be soothing to the eyes, it needs to have lines connecting its various components. Lines are often subtly incorporated to draw the eyes from each feature of your landscape. They may be straight or curved allowing you to show off your style and landscape’s features. Mass This is the space or area occupied by the elements of your landscape – whether those include a gazebo, flowerbeds, the plants within a flowerbed, a swing set or any other features in your yard, these items add to the mass of your landscape. And, while each component has its place, it is important that things are balanced proportionately else it will make the yard seem cluttered or cramped. Form Everything in your lawn has a shape – from the walkways and driveway to garden areas and seating areas. They may be squares, triangles, circles or irregular shapes, but each of these shapes lend to the form of your landscape. Typically, rectangle forms are formal, circles are soft, triangle are strong and irregular shapes are seen as carefree. Since you will want your landscape design to express a certain personality, be sure you let our team know what message you want your lawn to reflect. Color The best way to add life and energy to your landscape design is through color. Whether it is through pavers for a patio, a stone retaining wall, the flowers chosen, or decorative fountains, color helps unite your landscape, while making it even more inviting to you and those who visit. Texture Nature is full of textures, so why not use them to make your landscape design shine? From the type of grass chosen, to whether you opt for a winding gravel path or pavers, choosing trees with smooth bark or those with a rough bark, there are many ways to incorporate texture. Having a good variety will make you landscape more appealing to the senses. Lights Just as color is important to your landscape, so are lights. The addition of spotlights, path lights, twinkling white lights and other illuminating elements will take a basic landscape design to the next level. Better yet, when lights are placed properly they also help add security to your yard, while still making it an inviting place to hang out with friends. Want to incorporate these components of landscape design into your home’s landscape? Don’t wait till spring to get started. Contact the Outdoor Makeover and Construction to schedule a lawn assessment and you can have a new yard before summer ever gets here!

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