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Big Deals on Fire Pits


For a limited time, Outdoor Makeover and Construction is offering beautiful Custom Stone Fire pit deals

  Fire Pit Design Atlanta

This Fire Pit Special includes a custom built Belgard Weston Wall Fire Pit in either Carriage House or Saddle Creek along with a Paver Patio Area in Avondale or Riverstreet Colors.

The Circle Patio and Fire Pit area will be 15 feet in diameter.


Fire Pit Color Choices 


Fire Pit Special | Color Choice Saddle Creek | Outdoor Makeover and ConstructionFire Pit Special | Color Choice Carriage House | Outdoor Makeover and Construction


The beautiful circle style patio is built with quality Lafitt Pavers with a choice of one of two colors pictured below. We do have other colors and options available for an upgrade and would be happy to give you a quote on those choices.


Patio Paver Color Choices


Avondale Paver | Belgard | Fire Pit Deals | Atlanta Outdoor Makeover River Street Pavers | Belgard | Fire Pit Deals | Atlanta Outdoor Makeover


Outdoor Makeover and Construction takes great pride in our work and will ensure your fire pit and patio is built with quality and attention to detail.

  • Project begins with the soil excavation to remove organic soil of 4-8 inches as required.
  • This provides a solid foundation for your patio.
  • We then use crush and run, as well as granite dust, for leveling before stacking the pavers.
  • We finish off with pine straw to stabilize the area around the patio.
  • The organic soil from the excavation can then be used to build Berms used for Future planting.
  • Removal of the organic soil from the property would be an additional charge.

Additional Features Available:


There are many additional upgrades available such as: Pergolas, Retaining Walls, Stack-stone, Raised Seat Walls, Plants, and Various additional Stone and Paver Colors.

Feel free to review more ideas in our FEATURE PROJECTS