The Do’s and Don’ts of Landscape Design

front yard landscaping for stone house with green softscaping and shrubbery
Deciding on the perfect landscape design can seem overwhelming. This becomes even more challenging when you realize that your Atlanta yard is a blank canvas that can be improved with features that go beyond plants- for instance, custom walkways, fountains, patios and other structures as well as an assortment of lighting options. If just reading this brief list of possibilities makes you stress, then you are not alone! If you are considering a landscaping makeover but have no idea where to start, then here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.


·      Determine your budget before you begin. You don’t want to be mid-project and need to stop! ·      Think about your yard and how you envision it being used. Think you will be doing some outdoor entertaining? Perhaps an outside kitchen or fully functional patio and built-in grill should be included. Need a place for relaxing? Consider a water feature with comfortable seating. Be it a place for the kids to play or a quiet spot to relax, include these features as you start planning. ·      Take time to sketch out some ideas of what you see your yard looking like. Keep in mind that the best landscape designs don’t always follow a straight line! The sketch doesn’t have to be perfect, just a rough idea to help you include the features you wish. ·      Remember that you can do the landscape design in stages. This is where having a basic layout in mind can help you determine priorities and where to spend your money. ·      Keep in mind that it’s better to invest in small sizes of fast growing plants, so you can spend more on larger, slow growing plants. ·      Think about how much time you are willing to invest on your landscape maintenance, once it is in place. ·      Peruse the designs and styles of other neighbor’s yards and note what appears to work (or not). Also, be sure to check if there are any requirements for your HOA.


·      Forget about the different seasons and be sure to choose plants that will give you color and style for as much of each season as possible. ·      Be afraid to remove older plants that are dying or too thick. This will actually help the ground be able to recover rather than having old or overgrown plants taking nutrients from the soil. ·      Don’t get caught up in trends. Choose design elements that compliment your home, not compete with it. ·      Chose furniture or other elements that require an excessive amount of maintenance! The point of landscape design is to help you relax as often as possible – not spend time constantly cleaning or adjusting. ·      Overlook the value of water features, outdoor lighting, and other decorative features. Each of these options add to creating an atmosphere of relaxation. Many home owners find themselves overwhelmed with landscaping – but that’s where the Outdoor Makeover team helps out. If you want a new look for your yard, but have no idea where to start, then contact us today. We would love to see your yard and help you turn your basic yard into something that makes you smile every time you step outside.


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