TLC for Your Summer Landscape

backyard summer landscape with stone wall, outdoor grill, and wooden fence
Summer in Georgia can be brutal on a landscape. From the intense heat to the not uncommon drought conditions, keeping a lush summer landscape that personifies curb appeal can be difficult. However, there are a number of things you can do to ensure that your Atlanta location looks inviting.

Summer Landscape TLC

·      Trim – Take a walk around your landscape and note any shrubbery, trees or vines that have become unruly. Then pull out the garden shears and trimmers and cut back the excessive growth. Not only will this make your yard look better but it will help the plants be healthier. ·      Trellis – Do you have vines near your house? Consider adding a trellis. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, or you might want to have a custom design that suites your style. Either way, you can keep the beauty of those vines without risk of your landscape being overtaken or damaging your home’s foundation. ·      Driveway Dress Up – Often, the driveway area gets totally overlooked. Consider lining it with a colorful flower garden, or perhaps install lights and shrubbery to add a soft yet finished appearance. ·      Water – We all know how quickly a water shortage can occur in Georgia. If you have an irrigation system, be sure that it is set for optimum times such as early morning or late evening, and that it won’t turn on after or during a rain. ·      Pay Attention – Because summer sun and harsh weather can be damaging to your plants, be sure to periodically peruse your yard and bolster struggling plants where needed, while removing those plants that may have died. ·      Weed – It often seems as though the weeds thrive while the wanted plants can barely survive. Be vigilant in your weeding (or let us do it) so you can get rid of those unwanted plants that are pulling nutrients away from the plants you desire. ·      Fertilize – Give your summer landscape a boost, by spreading a layer of fertilizer. This will help trap in moisture and protect it from the sun’s harsh rays. ·      Plant Tropical Bulbs – Consider plants such as caladiums, elephant ears, cannas and gingers as they will thrive in high heat and provide a beautiful garden area. ·      Aquatics – Consider adding in a water feature. This will not only add curb appeal but provides a place for you to unwind. It also gives area wildlife a place to hangout, which means everyone wins. ·      Be Personal – Don’t forget to show off your style! Be sure your landscape includes a structure such as a pergola, gazebo, shaded area, outdoor entertainment space or perhaps a pool where you can have fun design elements, seating and whatever else you might need for bringing the indoors outside. You don’t have to be a master landscaper or have a perpetual green thumb to have a beautiful lawn. Instead give the team at Outdoor Makeover & Construction a call. We will be happy to assess your landscape and work with you to keep it looking beautiful – no matter what the season.

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