What is the Correct Way of Planting Annuals?

Outdoor Makeover: What is the Correct Way of Planting Annuals

The use of boulders in the backyard will really enhance a landscaping. Landscaping with boulders will bring an element that only nature does best, but Outdoor Makeover can match. By installing a proper size and shape of boulder within perennials and annuals gardens, your garden offers more than just one element. By mixing boulders in softscapes, it breaks up all the green and also it verifies the true authenticity of the landscaping we install for your home because we find boulders in natural areas.
Another benefit of boulders is after installation; they are maintenance free and will never require care and replacement. Boulders are one time installation but keep giving you enjoyment year after year without asking for anything back.   Since it gets dark earlier and earlier and with no leaves on trees, and desolate yard days goes by quickly and nights linger.

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How do we make yards like that pretty? The answer is landscaping lighting. Landscaping lighting bears the most stunning effect the moment it is installed unlike a softscape which takes a while to mature to a magnificent vision. With the proper uplighting and downlighting we capture the most beautiful elements of your property and make them stars under spotlight. As the art of landscape lighting evolves, we continue to stay informed. Our designer can design the space and the lighting or we can come and install the lighting only. Outdoor Makeover can help you do things in phases at your pace. We can also come and get it done. With a small deposit we can demonstrate all the lights before installation the night before so you can choose the most important aspects to the job. Let us help you conquer the nights.  

If you would like to use our design team to design a four season landscaping for you, please contact us at 404-587-5656. Be sure to like us on Facebook to keep up with our progress!

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