Tips for a Healthy Spring Landscape

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April is just around the corner, and for all outdoor enthusiasts, it’s the perfect time for gardening and landscaping activities to flourish! The sun is no longer shrouded by dark clouds and the weather is perfect for growing your favorite flowers or vegetables. Many hobby gardeners begin planning their dream garden months in advance to make sure everything is just right. Outdoor Makeover is happy to help all outdoor landscape enthusiasts build their perfect nature oasis.

There are a few tips that are important to keep in mind before you jump into your landscape design spree.

  • Clean Up Winter Debris: Begin by removing any collected leaves, branches, and debris from the winter. This gives your landscape a chance to breathe and prepares it for fresh development.
  • Soil Preparation: Examine your soil and modify it as needed. Improve soil structure, drainage, and nutritional content by adding organic matter, such as compost. A vibrant landscape is built on healthy soil.
  • Fertilize Wisely: Make sure you don’t plant your flowers or vegetables next to anything that could damage your landscape. Some amateur gardeners will build their flower beds next to areas with poor drainage so instead of your plants absorbing water they end up drowning in mud. It’s best to have your outdoor landscape area updated so that all drainage flows where it needs to.
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  • Considerations for Outdoor Landscape Planning: It’s important to consider the space of your outdoor landscape before planning anything too big. While a flower bed may be pleasing to the eye, your backyard space may be better suited for something different. Maybe consider a Japanese water garden with a nice water feature or maybe a nice wreathed arbor. You can do so much with flowers if you use your imagination.
  • Pests & illnesses: Inspect your plants on a regular basis for symptoms of pests or illnesses. Early discovery allows for early response and avoids the spread of infestations.

Most importantly, you need to make sure that your Atlanta landscape is healthy enough to support a flower or vegetable garden. Many people make the mistake of thinking Seeds + Soil + Water = Beautiful garden but they don’t realize that a beautiful garden needs healthy and clean soil to provide the right nutrients. It’s best before planting anything to have a yard restoration or soil removal to ensure that what you put in the ground won’t absorb any harmful toxins.

At Outdoor Makeover, we want our clients to have the best outdoor living area possible. We would never push something on a client that the client didn’t agree upon. Ultimately, it is your outdoor landscape and we want you to be as happy with your choices as possible.

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