Tips for a Healthy Spring Landscape

Gardening flowers and veggies
Spring is here and any outdoor lover knows that means it is time to enjoy the outdoors! It is prime gardening and landscaping time. With the warm and sunny weather returning, your yard is about to spring back to life. Many avid gardeners are eager to get outside and start their spring projects. Before you jump into preparing your landscape for spring, take a few moments to make sure you have a healthy yard. Here are some tips for creating a healthy spring landscape. 

Tips for a Healthy Spring Landscape


Keep flowers and vegetables away from damaging elements. 

Planting a flower or vegetable garden needs to be done strategically. Look for an area with good soil and proper drainage. This will help your plants absorb water without drowning in mud. Plan to inspect your landscape drainage before planting your garden. Georgia can see heavy rainfall, so drainage is a key element to a healthy spring landscape. Be mindful about planting gardens too close to trees, structures, or any other shady areas. Make sure the garden receives the correct amount of sun each day.

Consider your outdoor space.

Before planning a large project, consider how it works with your space. Flower beds can be pleasing to the eye, but do they fit with your yard? If your yard doesn’t have ideal conditions for flower beds, consider other elements better suited for your yard. Flowers can grow on pergolas or arbors. Japanese water gardens can also be a great choice. Rock gardens can also be a beautiful element if you have poor landscape drainage. Use your imagination when designing your spring landscape!

Make sure the soil is healthy.

When creating a healthy spring landscape, the soil is the most important element. Unhealthy soil will not support flower or vegetable gardens. If the soil is unhealthy, it will not absorb water and will essentially hold stagnant water. Replace unhealthy soil with nutrient-rich soil. Treat your yard with eco-friendly fertilizers to prime the soil. The key is to ensure your soil is healthy and free of any harmful toxins. 

Don’t over-water your landscape.

Create a schedule for watering your landscape. Make sure to not over or under-water plants, as both can be damaging. Consider recent or upcoming rainfall as well. Plan to water your landscape early in the morning. This gives the landscape time to absorb water throughout the best times of the day. 
Creating and maintaining a healthy spring landscape takes a bit of work but it is well worth it! Our team of landscaping experts is here to create the best landscapes in Georgia. If you are ready to take your flower or vegetable gardens to the next level, contact our team today. Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces will work with you to create lush flower beds or bountiful vegetable gardens. We understand how to create a healthy landscape that will last for years to come and improve your home. Call or contact us today to schedule your personalized landscape design consultation!