Useful Reasons to Install a Water Feature

Out Makeover : Useful Reasons to Install a Water Feature

When it comes to outdoor landscape designs, there’s a feature that has always been a favorite amongst outdoor designers: the water feature. Water features such as fountains have been a commonly used aesthetic throughout history. Some of the most ornate architectural designs around the world have some sort of water feature attached: The Taj Mahal has a reflecting pool outside its doors as does the Lincoln Memorial; in Las Vegas the famous Bellagio Hotel may be known for its casinos but tourists wait for hours to see the Fountains of Bellagio. Not only do water features provide an original aesthetic to your outdoor living space, they serve many a useful purpose. Here are a few reasons that you should install a water feature today.

  1. Stress Relief: According to Sciencedaily.com, sounds from nature (such as running water) can help reduce stress and boost your mood. Just imagine coming home from a rough day at work and adjourning to your outdoor living space to listen to the calming sounds of a small waterfall or fountain. While one could argue, “But there are CD’s with outdoor sounds on the playlist,” the sound from a CD player doesn’t compare to hearing real running water outside on your deck.
  2. Fun with Nature: When I was little, we had a water fountain that also served as a bird bath. One of my favorite things to do after school was watch the birds splash in the fountain. My mother decided to use it as a tool to teach me about nature and animals so we would often look out at the fountain and animal watch. It was simultaneously a great bonding and educational experience. Families with small children can watch as nature responds to your pond area or fountain and it makes a great way to introduce children to nature.
  3. Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me: If one of your bigger outdoor pet peeves is bugs, a circulating water system outside can serve as a helpful solution to your winged pest problems. Most bugs like mosquitos and gnats prefer still water so having a water feature that requires rushing water (a fountain or running stream) can repel those nasty visitors.
  4. Flower Friends: Depending on the specific type of water feature you install, it can be more than helpful to an avid gardener. Many water features are designs to provide your plants with a healthy dose of H2O and can keep your grass and flower beds healthy and alive, even during colder months. It’s important to discuss with your landscape designer the many different styles of water features so you can find one that fits your specific needs. Many people would be surprised to know at how many diverse types of water features there actually are and that each one can be designed especially for you. It’s also important to have a consultation before any rash decisions are made so your contractor can make absolutely sure that a water feature won’t upset any underground pipes or wiring leading to your house. Give us at Outdoor Makeover Atlanta a call today and we would be happy to help you install your new water feature!

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