A Guide to Transform Your Landscape for the Holiday Season

Outdoor Makeover: A Guide to Transform Your Landscape for the Holiday Season

Homeowners need to make sure their landscape and outdoor living space are holiday-ready. With so many of us being at home more than usual, it is crucial to have the best living space at your home. With Halloween fast approaching, we are now coming up on the holiday season. Whether you are enjoying your outdoor living space with your family or safely enjoying it with company outdoors, now is the time to prepare.

Holiday Preparation for your Outdoor Living Space

Check your outdoor lighting.

The holiday season also means shorter days and longer nights. Make the most of the entire day by installing outdoor lighting. With the lack of holiday parties this year, you will still want to ensure your home is beautiful and vibrant. Outdoor landscape lighting is one of the best ways to make your home festive and beautiful. If you are outdoors with your family or just want to increase curb appeal, start with outdoor lights. They can provide a holiday ambiance as well as allow you to enjoy the outdoors well into the night. If you are not sure about your current outdoor lighting, contact your Atlanta outdoor lighting designer.

Make sure that you have enough deck or patio space.

No matter how small of a group you are with, you want to ensure you have enough patio space. If you do choose to have guests over, having a large outdoor deck or patio space will allow you to maintain social distancing. The holidays are a bit different this year, so having enough space to safely host guests is very important. An expansion of your patio or deck can be a great solution to outdoor entertaining. If you are looking to give your living space an updated look or feel, switch your patio material from wood to something lighter. This can create the illusion of more available space.

Keep your landscape in good condition.

Dead or bare landscapes may create a spooky look for Halloween, but it definitely does not help for Thanksgiving and Christmas! From the grass to aesthetic accents, like flowers and bushes, say a lot about the condition of your home. A well maintained outdoor landscape is also perfect for decorating for the holidays! Planting bushes and trees can give you something to hang decorations or include holiday lights. By keeping your lawn clear of leaves also gives your home a clean and fresh look.

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Prepare your outdoor cooking space. 

Whether you are deep frying or grilling Thanksgiving dinner, ensure your cooking space is ready. Prepare your outdoor kitchen or grill for fall with seasonal maintenance. If you choose to deep fry your turkey, make sure to do so in a safe location. Also, don’t forget to fully thaw your turkey! Deep frying a still-frozen turkey can cause dangerous fires. Make sure you are far enough away from structures or flammable landscaping.

Consider an outdoor fire pit or fireplace.

Nothing is better than a nice outdoor fire on a cool night. An outdoor fire pit or fireplace provides a great place to relax while your holiday meals cook. Roasting marshmallows over a fire is a great Thanksgiving or Christmas activity to keep your family busy and active.

While the holidays may be different this year, your home should still be beautiful. A beautiful landscape will help bring some normalcy to this unusual holiday season. If you do choose to host guests, creating an expansive outdoor living space is a must-do. Outdoor living spaces, along with social distancing, are ideal for the upcoming holidays. Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces are Atlanta’s outdoor entertaining experts. If you are ready to get your home holiday-ready, then contact our landscape design experts today!

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