How Outdoor Lighting Can Benefit Your Landscape Design?

Outdoor Makeover : How Outdoor Lighting Can Benefit Your Landscape Design?

While landscaping designs are important, and allow you to be sure to get all the elements you want in your yard, there is a crucial aspect of landscape design you don’t want to overlook – that of outdoor lighting. Sure, having the right plants, water feature(s), deck, and other elements needs to be included, but without lighting, those much desired features will not be noticed after the sun goes down.

5 Advantages of Outdoor Lighting

If you have never considered outdoor lighting to be a needed part of your landscape design, then now is the time to incorporate them – be it to an existing landscape or brand-new design. Here are some reasons why so many design teams and homeowners are choosing to make outdoor lighting an integral part of crafting the perfect outdoor landscape.

  1. Appearance:  Having outdoor light adds a finished look to your yard. With the variety of lighting options available, it is possible to spotlight special features, brighten up dark areas, and set your home apart from others in your neighborhood.
  2. Function:  Let’s face it, dark areas- whether inside or out- mean a greater chance of someone tripping over an item in the path. But beyond the extra visibility for walking outside after dark, having outdoor lighting means those great lawn parties don’t have to end just because the sun went down. Whether it is string lights along a deck, low lights in the shrubbery, lights designed for the patio table or spotlights around the pool there are many ways lights can be incorporated that offer function and more time for fun.
  3.  Security:  Lights and home security go hand in hand. When criminals cannot approach your home without being in the lights, you lower your risk of being a crime statistic. (It should be noted that many insurance companies offer a discount for adding exterior lighting.)
  4.  Staging: There are dozens of light choices available, and when installed by professional outdoor lighting experts, these lights can be incorporated to set the stage for nearly any event – weddings, garden parties – you name it. You may even choose to incorporate extra color such as using red lights to show off a Japanese Maple, yellow lights hidden near the shrubbery of a fire pit or patio area, or even tracers along the edge of a deck to make it feel like a performance area.
  5. Value: Adding outdoor lighting can add more curb appeal to your home – in some cases getting as much as 28% more in the resale value. After all, a well-lit home is more attractive than one that is dark and hidden. Outdoor lighting not only sheds light on your landscape but serves practical purposes such as accident prevention, minimizes risk of break in, and making it possible to enjoy outdoor entertaining after the sun has gone down. Talk to the pros at Outdoor Makeover and Construction to learn how we can add energy and excitement to your yard by introducing outdoor lighting. We can’t wait to brighten up your world!

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