Things To Consider When Designing A Pool House

Outdoor Makeover: Things-To-Consider-When-Designing-A-Pool-House

Summer is here! During the warmer months, who doesn’t enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool? Well, complete your experience with a custom pool house where you can entertain, relax, and enjoy the beautiful weather with your family and friends.

What makes owning a swimming pool even better? Knowing your pool house has a bathroom, extra towels, and food only a few feet away. Pool house design has many excellent applications, but the most essential feature is a kitchen, restroom, and changing place for swimmers. Because a pool house is a significant investment, proper early planning and design are essential. A great architect will understand how to create the ideal custom pool house design for your family’s demands and lifestyle.


If you intend to entertain, you can always add an outdoor kitchen and a covered porch with cushioned chairs to make the space more comfortable and appealing. Are you considering pool house installation or exploring the best pool house ideas? In this ultimate guide, we will cover the most important factors to consider before building your custom pool house.

Considerations When Designing A Pool House:

Step 1: Ask a Few Things To Yourself

Before taking “the plunge” to build a pool house in our yard, ask yourselves these questions:

  • Why do we want a pool house?
  • How often will we use the pool house?
  • Who will maintain it?
  • How much will it cost to get what we want?
  • Does it make sense to build one in our yard?
  • How will we pay for it?
  • What shape will we build?
  • How big will it be?
  • How many people can it hold?
  • How will we use it?

Considering all these things will give you a clear mindset about your needs and requirements.


Step 2: Know Local Codes and Building Regulations

Local building regulations may affect your project, such as restrictions on buildings within a certain distance of your home or property line. In some towns, a building permit may be needed. Most municipalities post their building codes and ordinances on their websites. Knowing these codes will also ensure you build your pool house within legal bounds and safety regulations.

Step3: Consider The Position And Size

Then, if you’re not restricted by legal constraints, it’s time to select the greatest place for your pool home. Of course, you must consider the location of your main home and pool. You want your pool house to be distinct from the rest of your landscaping. In addition, other aspects should be considered. Do you want your pool house to be in the sun or shade? Do you wish to have a beautiful view?

Also, the size you choose will determine the location of your pool house. The larger the main residence, the bigger the pool house! However, it is your choice.


Step 4: Consider The Design Wisely

Consider your structure’s design and architectural relationship to the main house. While it does not have to be a miniature version of your home, it should complement and relate. This can be accomplished using appropriate proportions, lines, materials, and color palettes. Taking cues from the architecture of your property will give your structure considerably greater visual cohesion.

You should also consider how the structure interacts with your landscape and the pool. This could be as simple as changing the direction of your pool house, using the same flooring materials, or extending the structure out over the pool.

Step 5: Determine The Size Of Your Pool House

The desired square footage for your pool house will dictate which custom elements will complement your finished project. For example, if you want to add a bar area, evaluate how it would affect the total scale of the final construction. Storage space for pool chemicals and equipment can also impact free space.

Step 6: Choose quality Material

This leads us to our next step: selecting the appropriate materials. Aside from the design and color palette, several more factors must be considered. For example, remember that the sun and water may significantly harm any outside construction over time. As a result, you must use materials that are both durable and powerful. Building materials must tolerate humidity and temperature variations from floor to wall.

Step 7: Custom Building Features, Anyone?


Do you want to add custom building elements to your pool house plan? There are an infinite number of bespoke possibilities when it comes to creating the perfect venue for you and your guests.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are a few features to think about:

  • Room Partitions
  • Flooring And Exterior Siding Styles And Colors
  • Features Include Insulated Doors, Door Lites, Extra Windows
  • Bars Or Countertops,
  • Additional Storage Space Or Overhead Lofts.

Step 8: Ease of Use

Keep it simple for guests. Do not make them guess where to store stuff. Use hooks to hang guests’ damp towels. Install open shelves so that everyone can see what they might need (e.g., sunscreen). It’s a lovely gesture to offer a bench for guests to sit while they put on their flip-flops, change a diaper, or hide from the kids for a moment.

Step 9: Ensure Privacy

Whether you intend to entertain your visitors or not, seclusion is essential. Ensure you have enough changing cabins for all family members and visiting friends. Consider adding blinds, privacy screens, or frosted windows (curtains can be very stylish).

Step 10: Plenty of Space for Entertaining


Depending on your goals, consider some lavish upgrades to your pool home. Even if you’re not a party type, making plenty of room for entertainment is always a good idea. Even a simple family supper by the pool will be a memorable occasion! Keeping this in mind, here are some things you could want to include in your pool house:

  • A kitchenette for preparing meals and beverages
  • A bar will add a unique beach atmosphere to your pool.

Having a bathroom in your pool house will save you and your visitors from frequent trips to the restroom while also providing a comfortable seating area for conversation.

Your Dream Pool House Is Planned Out — Time to Build It!


Outdoor Swimming Pool House Ideas

You’re creating a pool house to improve your satisfaction. We realize this and want to present you with a finished product that will last a lifetime.

If you’re ready to build your bespoke pool home, contact us at Outdoor Makeover and Living Spaces anytime. We are delighted to serve our neighbors throughout Atlanta, Smyrna, Buckhead, Alpharetta, etc.

For additional information on how we can make your ideal pool home with a swimming pool a reality, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are just a call away.

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