FAQs of Stone Paver Driveways

Outdoor Makeover : FAQs of Stone Paver Driveways

Stone paver driveways are a common part of the metro- Atlanta landscape. They offer a practical solution to gravel driveways, and add an air of sophistication to your landscape. But, if your home’s driveway doesn’t have stone pavers, you may be wondering what makes them so special and whether or not they are truly worth the investment. As landscape and outdoor specialists, our team is well acquainted with stone paver driveways, and has answered many questions regarding the use of stone pavers. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions.

10 FAQs about Stone Paver Driveways

  1. What type of stones can be used for pavers? Although the most common choices are brick and concrete, you could also opt for sandstone, granite, slate, limestone or travertine.
  2. Can heavy vehicles (motor homes, RVs, etc.) be parked/driven on stone paver driveways? Absolutely! Pavers are able to support a significant amount of weight without cracking or weakening.
  3. Will the stones be level enough to pursue other activities on? We endeavor to install the pavers as level as possible, so activities such as skating, bike riding and other activities – especially those favored by the young and young at heart- can be enjoyed all year around.
  4. How long of a wait time is there between installation and use? There isn’t any. Once the pavers are installed, they are ready for use. >
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  6. How long will stone pavers last? While this varies from location to location, pavers can easily last a number of decades. In fact, there are people all around the globe, who report that their stone pavers have lasted over 50 years.
  7. Will stone pavers mildew? This is typically not an issue; however, if you have a shaded driveway and are concerned about mildew then a special sealant can be applied. In addition, you can be sure to pressure wash that area more frequently.
  8. Will there be weeds to deal with in the crevices or cracks? Part of the paver installation process includes removing a layer of soil, which means the risk of plants reappearing between the crevices is slim. However, there are scenarios where the wind will blow sand/dirt between the minuscule cracks and plants might appear. These can be easily removed with a weed killer. If you are concerned about weed growth, talk to us about sealant.
  9. Can a stone paver be replaced? In the rare event that a paver become damaged, replacing them is easy.
  10. What are common shapes for stone pavers? While stone pavers are available in many different shapes and sizes, the most common are squares and rectangles, but shapes such as ovals, circles, and octagons are also available.
  11. Will the stone pavers move or shift over time? We will install an edging material along the outer edge of the paver driveway, as this will ensure that time does not cause them to move or become unaligned. Stone paver driveways are a practical way to update the look of your home’s landscape. If you are ready to take your home’s driveway to the next level, talk to the Outdoor Makeover and Construction team. We would love to design a stone paver driveway suited perfectly for your location.

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