8 Reasons to Opt for Paver Driveways

Outdoor Makeover: 8 Reasons to Opt for Paver Driveways

While neighborhoods up North have many homes where the driveways are made from asphalt as they are ideal in areas where extreme cold is more common, in the South many homeowners have discovered that paver driveways are the preferred choice.  This is because driveway pavers offer many advantages that make them a practical investment for residences, as well as many Atlanta area commercial sites. Driveway pavers, often referred to as cement pavers or concrete pavers, can be solid or open and are a great way to make the entrance to your Atlanta home or office stand out from those around you. But individuality in outdoor design is not the only reason to opt for a paver driveway. Here are 8 more reasons to choose paver driveways for you residence.

8 Benefits of Driveway Pavers

  1. Durability – Driveway pavers will last for many years and are strong enough to withstand the weight of your vehicles without cracking or damages.
  2. Maintenance – Unlike gravel driveways or concrete slab driveways that can require a significant amount of upkeep, driveway pavers do not need to be sealed and are resistant to stains. In the event that anything is spilled on the pavers, they can be easily cleaned with a simple cleaning solution and a water hose. In addition, unlike a concrete driveway where grass/weeds can grow up through cracks, pavers do not allow for unwanted foliage growth.
  3. Replacement – In the rare event that a paver is cracked or damaged, they can be easily removed and replaced in as little as a day.
  4. Value – Choosing pavers for your driveway is an easy way to add curb appeal and home value. Also, because there are many types of driveway pavers available there is a significant range of cost of paver installation.
  5. Versatility – The list of driveway pavers available is exceptionally long, and the styles are varied. Be it an Old World look, a Modern style or a more casual approach, there are driveway pavers that can be used to create the look you want. From the color to the design used, you can have driveway pavers that showoff your own individuality and compliment the architecture of your home.
  6. Color – As referenced above, there are many different colors available for driveway pavers. Some of these include various shades of red, brown, black or grey. This range of colors means you can have a custom designed driveway pavers that shows off your style.
  7. No Spalling – Unlike a concrete driveway that can look patchy as a result of spalling due to excessive moisture, pavers are not affected by significant rainfall.
  8. Installation Time – Most driveway paver designs can be installed in just a matter of days.  

If you are ready to update your Atlanta driveway with pavers, then contact the team at Outdoor Makeover and Construction and learn how we can take your driveway to the next level.

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