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Tips For Maintaining Your Garden

Outdoor Makeover: Best Ideas to Maintain Modern A Garden in Atlanta

The landscape layout of outdoor gardens has definitely evolved over the years. What used to be a few choice breeds of flowers in a flower bed has blossomed no pun intended) to include various styles of outdoor architecture, including hardscaping and outdoor construction. To help you in creating a modern garden, here are some great […]

Landscape Design Trends for 2017

Outdoor Makeover : Landscape Design Trends for 2017

Everyone makes New Year’s Resolutions. Whether we like the idea or not, everyone likes to think of the new year as a clean slate, and it’s understandable why. We spend the year thinking about all of the things in our life that we want to change, whether it’s our diet, our work habits, or how […]

How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Entertainment Area?

Outdoor Makeover: Outdoor_Entertainment_feat

What is your favorite time of the year? Is it spring when all the flowers are starting to poke their heads through the earth and the trees are beginning to wear their new coats? Perhaps it is summer when the weather is perfect for outdoor entertainment, long sunny days, warm sultry nights and yard parties. […]

Winter Landscaping Tips for Your Georgia Yard

Outdoor Makeover : Winter Landscaping Tips for Your Georgia Yard

Now that the busyness of summer and fall are behind you, and Christmas is looming, it may seem strange to be thinking about lawn care or landscaping. However, this is the best time of the year to prepare your yard for all the great plans you have for the year ahead. Even better, by making […]

Comprehensive Guide to Design an Outdoor Space

Outdoor Makeover : Comprehensive Guide to Design an Outdoor Space

If you looked back over your fun for the year, and realized that many home entertainment opportunities were either avoided or had room for improvement due to a landscape that needed work, then now is the time to start thinking about and planning your perfect outdoor space. It might be that you simply need to […]

Ideas to Make Your Backyard an Oasis

Outdoor Makeover : Ideas to Make Your Backyard an Oasis

If the home is one’s castle, then the yard is the palace grounds. And, like the landscape of any palace, your yard needs to be a place where you can rest, relax, and be rejuvenated. However, it is difficult to find these three “R’s” if looking at your backyard conjures up a list of To […]

Fall Sale! Save Big on an Outdoor Stone Patio & Fire Pit

Outdoor Makeover: Outdoor_Stone_Patio_feat

If you are looking for the perfect way to enhance your backyard and get all you can from time spent enjoying nature, then a backyard fire pit is the answer. Whether you opt for a small space designed just for your family or want a space big enough to host a large party, having a […]

Renovation Trends to Modernize Your Pool Area

Outdoor Makeover : Creative Ways to Make the Most of Your Pool Area

The first day of summer is officially upon us and that means unlimited pool time. It’s a known fact that pool time is the most popular summer time activity for all age groups during the summer. And with the Atlanta heat being particularly scorching this summer, a pool is the perfect outdoor living space accessory. […]